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The same first day ♥

Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's 
It is my favourite movie! (That's why it's the first movie to be presented here.) And Audrey Hepburn is my favourite actress since I was 8. I also love the movie because it seems a very "American" movie and the two main characters are perfect examples of  an American soul for me. They are ready to face all difficulties and make whatever it takes to reach what they want. You can see in the movie how was America before the "Great Society". NY views of 60's are just amazing(I should mention that I'm a fan of the second part of  20th century, I love everything about it, fashion, literature, the whole atmosphere).Tiffany & Co.-♥. Holly's cat is gorgeous. The music is great.  Oh, and as a huge book-a-holic that library there is like the one in my dreams!
I enjoyed the book too even though I've read it after the movie and Holly wasn't the same to me, so I can accept that "Breakfast at Tiffany's"-the movie won't be the same to me if I read the book first. Anyway it is really worth to watch. And if you've seen it before, watch it again! At least for last few minutes when you realise that real love exists. 

Song: Miranda Lee Richards-Early November 
Even though it's almost the end of november and the song is quite old I still find it very beautiful!

Picture: Rosie Huntington-Whitely for US Harper's Bazaar. 

1 thing to learn: Hippo milk is pink.

1 thing to wear : Rick Owens wool coat 

1 quote: 
Keep searching even if you can't find what you need, keep on searching because afterwards the thing you are looking for will find you. (me)

1 name: 
Neva, meaning "white snow" in spanish. Also the name of a river in Russia.

1 new word: 
As today I had my first lesson in turkish, here is a new word I've learned: zaman means time. 

So here is my first "in vogue" post, hope everyone who read this will enjoy it. 
                                                               N. A.

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