пятница, 2 декабря 2011 г.

Another "In Vogue" post.

Movie: The Hours

First of all I've decided to write about this movie because it was the last one I'd watched and secondly because it's a stunning movie! So, last Sunday I was reading Virginia Woolf's biography and had found a quote which Nicole Kidman metioned in a interview after playing Virginia in "The Hours". After reading about the movie on wiki I was really excited to watch it because the plot was very original and I totally love Nicole Kidman,Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep. The movie is very different from ALL the movies I've ever seen(except one which is my favourite-"Never let me go"). It makes you think about all the things you care about, about your life and your life situation. So I do not have enough words to express how amazing the movie is! Even being a very deep film IMO it should be watched by everyone for an emotional journey which would make you realize many things! 

Song: Florence and the Machine-Leave my body

Florence has an amazing voice and this song 
is one of my favos from her new album!


Candice Swanepoel for Victoria's Secret

1 thing to learn:

Most of us spend 6 years or more of our lifetime dreaming.

1 thing to wear: 

ABS Polka Dot Dress

1 name:

Grace- Virtue name

1 new word: 

high in danish- højt 

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  1. The Hours is such a fantastic movie. The first time I saw it, I was so arrested by the way the story unfolds and the characters. It is such a beautiful film.


  2. Yeah, I can't agree more! I had the same feelings while watching it!